S.No Title Circular Date Circular
1 Directions for selection of correct emission norms; Regarding 01-10-2020 Report
2 order for recording of mobile no. of owner of vehicle 20-12-2019 Report
3 CMVR amendment notification for emission norms with regard to BS-IV and BS-VI compliant vehicles 26-11-2019 Report
4 Notification for owner's mobile phone no. for PUC checking 17-10-2019 Report
5 Directions on selection of BS standards from Vahan of NIC 01-03-2019 Report
6 order that PUC centre would charge the PUC fees before start of PUC test 25-06-2018 Report
7 Operators to take Pre-payment of PUC fees before the tests are conducted 30-11-2017 Report
8 Order regarding working on only Parayawarn Mitra version 2.0 31-12-2015 Report
9 Directions regarding issuance of PUC certificate from "Paryawarn Mitra" only 06-10-2015 Report
10 Regarding essential configuration details of computer for working on Paryawaran mitra 05-08-2015 Report
11 Instructions with regard to correct use of Probes i.e. cleaned, Proper insertion, company supplied etc. 21-07-2015 Report
12 Govt. Notification dated 16-06-2015 regarding Diesel Vehicles PUC Checking (3+3) 16-06-2015 Report
13 Instructions with regard to Malfunction Indicator Lamp compliance report 14-08-2014 Report
14 Regarding not to sublet/ Rent out PUC center at authorized workshop 11-08-2014 Report
15 Regarding not to sublet/ Rent out PUC center at Petrol Pumps 06-08-2014 Report
16 17 points detailed instructions to PCCs 23-05-2014 Report
17 Guidelines Regarding issuance & Utilization of Holograms 15-12-2011 Report
18 Instructions for Rs.2/- to DTIDC, online mode, Ac in cabin & display of revised rates 21-11-2011 Report
19 Order on PUC charges i.e. Rs.60/- Rs.80/- and Rs.100/- 21-11-2011 Report
20 Order on payment of Rs.2/- per PUCC to DTIDC 21-11-2011 Report
21 Directions/instructions/guidelines for PCCs on the basis of audit by CPCB 27-04-2011 Report
22 Guidelines to not to reauthorize a PUC center if issued fraudulent PUCC 16-08-2010 Report
23 Vehicles plying in Delhi to carry PUC certificate having photograph of number plate 01-12-2009 Report
24 Directions with regard to checking only on CNG/LPG mode if vehicle has Bi-fuel mode 23-03-2009 Report